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March 20th, 2018

Vice Chairman Salzman called the March 20, 2018, Town of Weston Board meeting to order at 6:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Robert Wesenick, and Ryan Christiansen. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Robin Huempfner, EMPD Chief Clay Schultz, SAFER Cally Gordan

a. Approval of February 20th, 2018 Town Board Meeting. Christiansen/Wesenick M/S to approve February 20, 2018 meeting minutes. Q/C.


4. VISITORS: Four visitors were present. One visitor spoke about the amount of trash that is on Gusman Rd from the garbage trucks. Also questioned on the frequency of the posting in the posting boxes. It was stated that postings for the monthly meeting are posted in the outside box by the office and on the Towns website per state statue requirements. There are time when posting is required in all boxes but monthly meetings do not require that. It was also discussed that the Town Website is not up to date. This has been an ongoing issue and will be looked into. But at this time we are not able to update some things on the site. Minutes, Agendas, Comprehensive Plan and the Town Map are current at this time.

5. POLICE REPORT: Chief Clay Schultz reported that the Town had 28 calls in February for various reasons. Supervisor Ryan Christiansen express a concern of an abandoned car on Lester St. He also announced the Memorial gathering on March 22nd. The full report will on file at the Town.

6. FIRE REPORT: SAFER, Cally Gordon, Handed out the Annual Report – 2017 and her email if anyone had any questions on it. Report will be on file in the office.

a. Vouchers (5580-5615): Christiansen/Baumann M/S to approve vouchers 5580-5615 Q/C.
b. Date and Times of Annual Town Meeting and April Town Board meeting. The Annual meeting is set by State statue and if it is not changed to a different date no action by the board is needed. Motion to have the annual meeting on the set date of April 17th at 6:30 pm and the April Town Board meeting to follow Christiansen/Baumann QC.

a. Public Works: Weight limits have been posted.
b. Public Safety: None
c. Parks Committee: Position is still vacant.

9. CLERK’S REPORT: Uniform addressing info was sent out by the county and all Supervisors have received copies of the letters that the town received in their town mail boxes.

a. Baumann: He noticed that a lot of new houses are being built.
b. Wesenick: None
c. Christiansen: Is still checking into the discussion from last month about the Parkland funds and if they are required to be used for park expenses.
d. Salzman: None

11. Vice CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Board of Review is May 22th and also the March 22nd memorial gathering. All board members have the agenda for that day. Chairman Milt Olson should be back for the April 17th meeting.

12. ADJOURN: Baumann/Christiansen M/S to adjourn the March 20th, 2018 Town of Weston board meeting at 7:20 pm. Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Huempfner


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