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March 17, 2015

Supervisor Walter John Chilsen called the March 17, 2015 Town of Weston Board meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Walter John Chilsen, Tom Salzman, and Robert Wesenick. Absent was Chairman Olson (excused). Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman, EMPD Chief Wally Sparks and Andrew Schlagel of S.A.F.E.R. Visitors: Scott Tatro of the Village of Weston, Amy and Elmer Allen, Brad Augustiniak, Randy & Rick Christiansen

a. Approval of Town Board Meeting Minutes, February 17, 2015: Baumann/Salzman M/S to approve the minutes of the February 17, 2015 Town Board meeting. Q/C.



5. POLICE REPORT (Chief Sparks): The report for March was distributed to Board members and will be included with the official minutes. There were 22 calls for service to the Town in February. Chief Sparks reported on a human trafficking arrest, two incidents requiring taser deployments, an auto accident involving horses on Townline Road and a domestic abuse arrest. Final interviews have been completed and the Dept. hopes to have an officer hired by mid-April.

6. FIRE REPORT (A. Schlagel): There were no EMS calls to the Town in February.

a. Vouchers 4885-4903: Wesenick/Salzman M/S to approve vouchers 4885-4903. Q/C.
b. Resolution TW-15-01: Resolution Opposing County-Wide Assessment. Wesenick/Salzman M/S to approve Resolution TW-15-01 opposing a county-wide assessment. Q/C
c. Variance Request by Don Wild. Building Inspector Scott Tatro gave background information and the timeline of the building permits and variance request. The Wild’s were issued a building permit for a detached garage in September of 2013. A site plan and Wis. Uniform Building Permit Application was submitted on November 19 of 2013. The application indicated what the setbacks of the home were, as well as the zoning district. On Friday, October 24, 2014, Mr. Wild’s architect sent revised plans to Mr. Tatro. The setbacks on the revised plans were too close to the lot line. On Monday, October 27, Mr. Tatro visited the site and noticed that the footings and some of the foundation walls were already started. The architect, Mr. Wild and the contractor were notified that the setbacks were too close to the lot line and construction was to stop. On November 4, a neighbor notified Jennifer Higgins that work on the footings and foundation was still being done. Supervisor Chilsen asked if there was a problem with the topographical area making it necessary to change the location of the building. Tatro indicated that there was room for the home and required setbacks as was indicated on the original application. Chilsen noted that variance requests are granted for hardship of the property owners or conditions the owner does not have control over. It was felt that the hardship was created by Mr. Wild himself and he was fully aware of the setback requirements and zoning regulations. Neighbors present at the meeting felt that Mr. Wild should comply with the setback requirements. Salzman/Wesenick M/S to recommend that the ZBA deny the variance request to Don Wild. Q/C.

a. Public Works (Arnie Baumann): Supervisor Baumann reported he met with a resident on Sunset Drive regarding a complaint of ice buildup at the end of his driveway. Baumann noted that the condition was the result of snow being plowed on the sides of the driveway and being driven over, causing the ice buildup. Weight limits have been posted.
b. Community Life & Public Safety (Robert Wesenick): The Committee is considering a pilot project to trap feral cats, fix them and release them to their original location. The Committee is looking at the Still Waters Trailer Park as a possible pilot project location.
c. Parks Committee (Walter John Chilsen): No report.

9. CLERK’S REPORT (Joan Erdman): Spring primary is April 7. Requests for absentee ballots must be received by April 2. In-person absentee voting will be held from March 23 to April 3 by appointment only.

a. Baumann: No report.
b. Wesenick: No report.
c. Chilsen: No report.
d. Salzman: Al Towle would like permission to cut trees located in the town right of way next to his property.


12. ADJOURN: Salzman/Baumann M/S to adjourn the March 17, 2015 Town of Weston Board meeting at 7:20 pm. Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman, Clerk/Treasurer


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