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JULY 21, 2015, 6:30 P.M.
Chairman Olson called the meeting or order at 6:30 p.m. Supervisors present were: Olson, Baumann, Wesenick, and Chilsen. Salzman was absent. Valerie Parker was present to take minutes. Mike Mosher, of LHM Surveying, and EMPD Sergeant Mark Klemm were present in the audience.
A. Approval of Town Board Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2015.
*M/S/P Bauman/Wesenick: to approve the Town Board Meeting Minutes of June 16, 2015.
Sergeant Klemm explained and highlighted EMPD Captain Mark Hull report to the Board. This report gave the summary of the EMPD police activity for the month of June.
Klemm described some of the special duties of some of the EMPD officers. Klemm went in to some specific details of some of the police activities that have been occurring, and mentioned how they do not see a lot of activity in the Town.
A. Vouchers
Chilsen stated the June vouchers cover numbers 4956 – 4969.
*M/S/P Wesenick/Baumann: to approve the vouchers #4956 – 4969, and they be mailed out.
B. City/County IT Contract to Make Zoning Map Changes
Olson stated he spoke with Julie Henrichs of City/County IT. He explained how the Village of Weston does their own zoning map updates on the County’s website (Land Records System). He commented the Village pays something like $10,000 to have direct access to this system to make their zoning changes to every parcel in the Village. Olson stated they would like to get the same services for the Town, where the Village would expand their contract to include the Town. The Town’s cost would be $500.00. The County would bill the Village, and Town pays the Village for the zoning updates.
Chilsen confirmed this would be only $500.00 per year. Olson confirmed then the Village would take care of all the map and zoning updates. Olson commented they are looking to do zoning map updates this fall. Olson commented how the Village uses this system to collect taxes. This contract would only be for zoning, not tax collection.
*M/S Chilsen/Wesenick: to approve City/County IT Contract for $500.00 to have the Village update the Town Zoning Maps. Q: Chilsen confirmed if the Town were to feel there was not a need for this, we could stop this. Motion passed.
Olson explained the Town will cut a check next month, and asked Parker to find out from Jennifer Higgins, Village of Weston Director of Planning & Development, who the check should be made out to.
C. MD Roffers Contract to make Zoning Ordinance Changes to the ETZ Code
Olson explained MD Roffers is the company the Village of Weston worked with in updating the Village Zoning Ordinance and the ETZ Zoning Ordinance. He showed the Supervisors a map that highlighted the ETZ area, versus the area of the Town that is outside of the ETZ area. Olson explained as a way to update the Town’s zoning ordinance, the Town needs to change either take the ETZ ordinance and simply change Statute numbers from Village to Town along with changing words from Village to Town, by hiring MD Roffers to make the necessary changes to the code. Village paid about $35,000 last year. He explained the Town’s portion to make these changes will be about $2,500 - $3,000. This cost includes their taking the ordinance and make changes to reflect the town (so they will have a draft to look at to take to the Plan Commission and Town Board), to redo the ordinance to reflect changes the Town sees fit, and to do a final ordinance after a public hearing. Olson stated he does not see this being controversial (remnant sections of the Town outside the ETZ), where the public hearing would create a large public appearance, as 90% of the Town has already been updated through the ETZ. Mark Hull and Renee Radcliffe had been present at those meetings already. Olson stated the costs (roughly $2,500 - $3,000) will depend on how many times they have to change their draft. Chilsen questioned how often the Town has to review and update this ordinance. Olson stated just this one time. Olson is hoping to adopt this ordinance by the end of the year.
Olson explained the other option is to let the Village expand all of the Town as the ETZ, which then the Town is allowing the Village to exercise their authority over the entire Town. Olson commented he would rather spend the $3,000 and change the ordinance, to allow the Town have more control.
Olson stated within the Town’s budget, they have available $2,000 in Plan Commission services, and $1,000 in Plan Commission expenses. This would cover the $3,000 to spend. Olson then pointed out there is about $2,000 - $2,500 in Chairman’s expenses, and he could take $500.00 out of Chairman’s expenses used for the County IT contract.
Wesenick stated the first option sounds like better. Olson stated after the Town approves, we will have to hire Attorney Shane Vanderwaal to review and Olson will also ask Mark Hull, who is on Plan Commission to review. Then the Town will hold the public hearing, hopefully this fall yet.
*M/S Chilsen/Baumann: to hire MD Roffers to make the necessary changes to the Zoning code to make it apply to the Town, and approving the Town spend up to $3,000. Q: Baumann confirmed ETZ would stay the same, unless the Village would annex that area. Motion passed.
Olson asked Parker to inform Higgins to let MD Roffers know he can make the necessary changes and send the Town the bill.
D. Fischer CSM
Mosher commented this parcel was divided 4 ways several years ago (2009) by Dan Higginbotham. This CSM is splitting Lot 4 of Higginbotham’s CSM, and creating 4 new parcels. Mosher explained the proposed Lot 2 is a large lot that they plan to divide again soon, however, had to leave this as one large lot so that they do not exceed the 4 parcel limit on a CSM. There was some discussion of the recent changes within the State Statutes, under Chapter 236. He explained how now if as long as the proposed parcels are over 1.5 acres, a surveyor could create a 4 lot CSM, and follow that with another 4 lot CSM (successive land divisions). Mosher stated a municipality can write their ordinances to be more restrictive, only allowing one 4 lot CSM every 5 years of a parent parcel. Olson stated the Town can work with Higgins and see to it that the ordinances restrict the creation of only 4 lots from a parent parcel, within 5 years. Mosher warned that there have been court cases where municipalities have made their ordinances too restrictive, where the courts sided with the surveyor. Olson anticipates Mosher will be back soon to divide Lot 2.
Baumann questioned the two approved driveways by the County. Mosher stated the southern existing driveway was there from years ago, and County grandfathered that in. They then applied for another (north) driveway, and the County approved, but is not installed yet. Mosher stated the Town could still restrict access for Lot 2 to Gavitt Street, if they desired. Mosher still has to take this CSM to the County for approval.
*M/S/P Wesenick/Chilsen: to approve the Fischer CSM.
Olson asked Parker to have the Village send the parkland dedication fees paid back to Town.
E. Appointment of Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
Olson explained to the committee how Dawn Walstrom is currently unavailable due to recently diagnosed medical issues. Olson pointed out how Joan Erdman typed up the meeting minutes from last month’s Board meeting and put together tonight’s meeting agenda. Since Erdman was unable to make tonight’s Town Board meeting, Parker was asked to fill in to take the meeting minutes.
Knowing that it will be some time before she is well enough to carry on her Clerk/Treasurer duties, Olson contacted the Town’s Association about creating a Deputy Clerk/Treasurer position. The way this position works is it is a selection by the Town Clerk/Treasurer. Walstrom has agreed to select Erdman for the Deputy Clerk/Treasurer position. Walstrom is in charge of the duties that Erdman will be performing, where Walstrom can delegate whatever duties to Erdman. Olson explained that Erdman agreed to continue doing what is necessary to keep things moving along as normal. He pointed out she put together the vouchers for tonight. Olson offered to pay Erdman and Parker $20.00 per hour for any work they do for the Town, in Walstrom’s absence. This amount will be subtracted from Walstrom’s salary next month. He stated there is $11,000 in the budget for the Clerk/Treasurer’s position. This payment arrangement for Erdman and Parker is what was suggested by Lee Tourney of the Town’s Association. Rather than issue a W-2 for Erdman and Parker, they will be paid as outside contractors (cash salary). He thinks this arrangement will only need to occur for a couple of months, where Walstrom will be back to work, or she may submit her resignation.
Olson stated Walstrom is currently having chemo therapy every other week. He is not sure how long this will occur.
*M/S/P Wesenick/Chilsen: to appoint Joan Erdman as the Town of Weston Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.
A. Public Works: Baumann explained, for the Clearview Lane Curve work to be done, how the Town was expecting to see an estimate of about $9,000, the estimate/contract they received from Christiansen was in the amount of $17,635.00. Baumann explained how he would calculate out the cost of the new black top, which his calculations came out to $3,328.00. He pointed out how Christiansen’s estimate calls for $9,000.00 to remove the old asphalt to install the new asphalt. Baumann stated figuring that cost estimate, this means Christiansen’s would be charging $5,800.00 to take the old blacktop off. Olson stated there is another business (Dale Gohdes) who would be interested in doing the blacktop removal and prep work on the road. He stated Gohdes recently retired from working at the County, and he has the equipment to dig out the old blacktop and replace the culvert. Olson has authorized Baumann to contact. Gohdes and see if he would do this work. Olson stated we will still have to hire Christiansen to compact the dirt and put the blacktop back in. He has tried to contact Christiansen about this. In the meantime, Olson will have Baumann look around to find out what others are charging. Chilsen questioned the requirement of a public bid. Olson explained if the costs of the contract are less than $25,000.00, a public bid is not required.
Baumann then commented about the work that Fahrner is doing around the Town, and also explained the mowing operations by the Village. Olson commented there is a little bit of shouldering work needed yet on Kramer Lane. Baumann feels our roads are in really good condition.
Keep motion from last month to the $9,000 costs for the Clearview project, but to reduce by $3,500.00 for the blacktop work by Christiansen, and see if Gohdes can do the other work for the remaining $6,500.00.
B. Public Safety: Wesenick had nothing to report.
C. Parks Committee: Chilsen explained how the Village is finally moving forward on the park (Yellow Banks) across from Iozzo’s. He stated the Village received some grant along with some Village funds for the project. Chilsen stated he wanted to check with the Town Board as to whether the Town wanted to make a contribution towards this project, as this park would be used by both Village and Town residents. Chilsen feels the Town should consider making a voluntary donation. Chilsen will ask someone from the Village Parks to come to the next Town Board meeting to give a presentation.
Olson commented the Village received the Parkland dedication fees paid by Terry Fischer for his CSM, which the Village will need to send that amount paid back to the Town. Olson stated the Town could allocate this money for the parks. He thinks the Town may have about $2,000 or $3,000 available in parkland dedication fees saved.
Olson commented there is a Canoe/Kayak Launch Ground Breaking Ceremony scheduled for Monday, July 27th, at 4:30 p.m., at the site of the future launch, which is at the Ross Avenue Bridge.
Arnie questioned what the Town had done toward the Machmueller Park. Olson stated the Town put up fence between Machmueller Park and Christiansen’s pit. Which shortly after this went up, the disc golf was moved from this park over to Yellow Banks. Olson questioned if the area along Camp Phillips Road that was just recently seeded, if that was part of Yellow Banks Park, and Parker explained that area is actually private land. Olson commented how he and Baumann took part in the recent Balloon Festival, and participated in a flyover, which took him over the Eau Claire River mining site, and how it looks pretty good with the new pond.
Baumann commented about a complaint he received from Ron Christiansen about the people who bring their dogs to Machmueller Park, where the dogs are getting through onto his property. Olson stated he could take a look at perhaps a 4 foot fence or just a piece of green snow fence. Chilsen stated he could bring this up at next meeting.
A. Baumann ; None.
B. Wesenick: None.
C. Chilsen: None.
D. Salzman: None.

11. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Olson stated there is a Town’s Association Meeting coming up next Thursday, July 30th, at the Rib River Ballroom, at 7:30 p.m. Rebecca Frisch, Marathon County Zoning will be present to give a Marathon County zoning update and a legislative update. Olson will find out from Arnie Schlei about lunch plans.
*M/S/P Baumann/Chilsen: to adjourn at 7:40 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Valerie Parker


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