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October 21, 2014

Chairman Milt Olson called the October 21, 2014 Town of Weston Board meeting to order at 6:35 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Walter John Chilsen, Tom Salzman, and Robert Wesenick. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman and EMPD Chief Wally Sparks.

a. Approval of Town Board Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2014: Salzman/Chilsen M/S to approve the minutes of the September 16, 2014 Town Board meeting. Q/C.

a. Adoption of Ordinance Amending Section 46.101 of the Municipal Code Relating to Restrictions on Use of Weapons: Salzman/Baumann M/S to adopt Ordinance Amending Section 46.101 of the Municipal Code Relating to Restrictions on Use of Weapons. Q/C.
b. Adoption of Ordinance Creating Chapter 10 Article III, Hunting, of the Municipal Code: Salzman/Chilsen M/S to adopt Ordinance Creating Chapter 10 Article III, Hunting, of the Municipal Code. Q/C.


5. POLICE REPORT (Chief Sparks): The report for September was distributed to Board members and will be included with the official minutes. There were 19 calls for service to the Town in September.

6. FIRE REPORT (S.A.F.E.R.) No report.

a. Vouchers 4766-4776: Wesenick/Baumann M/S to approve vouchers 4766-4776. Q/C.
b. Wausau Snow Plowing Contract: Chairman Olson met with the City of Wausau regarding snow plowing the roads in the Home Sweet Home Addition, as well as Skyline, and Hawthorne areas. A copy of the contract was distributed to Board members. Wesenick/Salzman M/S to approve the snow plowing contract with the City of Wausau. Q/C.
c. White Ribbons For Decency Week Proclamation: Chilsen/Salzman M/S to approve the White Ribbons for Decency Week Proclamation. Q/.C
d. 2015 Budget Planning: Board members reviewed the proposed 2015 budget. $10,000 has been placed in the budget for internet improvements in the Town. Chairman Olson surveyed town residents about their internet service. Residents in the northwest area of the Town were not happy with their internet service. Chairman Olson met with Network Professionals. They currently have a wireless tower on Mosinee Hill. It would cost between $30,000 to $40,000 to put up a tower in Machmueller Park. They recommended putting up 1 to 2 towers on top of silos, Network Professionals would require between 25-30 customers for them to provide this service. Discussion was held on working with Network Professionals to install internet towers. Supervisor Baumann recommended seal coating and lane wedging River Road in 2015. Salzman/Chilsen M/S to recommend the 2015 budget with a $1 increase to the tax levy and taking out $94,679 from reserve to balance the budget. Q/C. A letter will be sent to residents informing them of the public budget hearing and proposed levy increase.
e. Approval of TW 2014-02 Resolution to Propose Exceeding Levy Limits: Chilsen/Salzman M/S to approve TW 2014-02 Resolution to Propose Exceeding Levy Limits. Q/C.

a. Public Works (Arnie Baumann): No report.
b. Public Safety (Robert Wesenick): No report.
c. Parks Committee (Walter John Chilsen): No report.

9. CLERK’S REPORT (Joan Erdman):

a. Baumann: No report.
b. Wesenick: No report.
c. Chilsen: No report.
d. Salzman: No report.

11. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: The Eastern Town’s Association meeting will be held this Thursday at the Town of Reid hall. Our public budget hearing/meeting of the electors will be held Tuesday, November 11, at 6:30 pm. Integrity Grading is putting up a building on their property. A site plan review is underway.

12. ADJOURN: Baumann/Chilsen M/S to adjourn the October 21, 2014 Town of Weston Board meeting at 7:41 pm. Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman, Clerk/Treasurer


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