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April 17, 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2012

Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance
Chairman Milton Olson called the 2012 Annual Meeting for the Town of Weston to order at 7:07 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Notice of Annual Meeting
Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman read the Annual Meeting notice that was published in the Wausau Daily Herald.

Introduction of Board Members
Chairman Olson introduced the Board Members. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Walter John Chilsen, Thomas Salzman, and Robert Wesenick. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman, Don Stabenow of Krause, Howard & Company, and six town residents: Bill Reddick, Tom Costa, Jane Raymond-Wood, Andy & Barbara Zynda, and Jeremy Kopp.

Action on Minutes of 2011 Annual Meeting
Zynda/Costa M/S to accept the minutes of the April 26, 2011 Town of Weston Annual meeting. Q/C

Old Business: None

Committee Reports: None

Auditor’s Report
Don Stabenow, Auditor from Krause, Howard & Co., reviewed the independent audit report and the 2012 Annual Audit completed by his firm. Extra copies were available for review. Chilsen/Costa M/S to accept the 2012 Audit Report. Q/C.

New Business
2013 Annual Meeting Date: Costa/Reddick M/S to set the date for the 2013 Annual meeting as April 16, 2013 at 7:00 pm, following the regular board meeting at 6:30 pm. Q/C.

Chairman Olson reported that the Department of Transportation has rated the Town’s roads at 7.5. Andy Zynda requested that the Board look at vacating a portion of Thanksgiving Road located at the west end of Sunset. The Board will look into this. Additional concerns addressed to the Board included:
• Bill Reddick expressed concerns regarding vehicles taking the inside lane on the corners of Ross/Kramer/Lester. The Board will look at possible solutions such as rumble strips in center of road. Mr. Reddick also stated that the ditch in front of his property needs to be cleaned up. Up to 4 inches of dirt is backing up onto his property in the spring after the snow melts.
• A suggestion was made to install lighted stop signs at the intersection of J and N and JJ & J.
• Concerns regarding barking dogs: The EMP can be contacted with these complaints.
• Burn barrels and burning regulations: Burning barrels are not allowed in the Town. The Fire Dept. follows the burning regulations issued by the DNR.
• The quality and necessity of shoulder grading.
• No paramedics on board ambulances. Concerns will be discussed with Fire Dept.

Reddick/Zynda M/S to adjourn the April 17, 2012, annual meeting of the Town of Weston at 8:03 pm. Q/C

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman


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