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November 21, 2017 Town Board Minutes

November 21, 2017

Chairman Olson called the November 21, 2017 Town of Weston Board meeting to order at 6:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Robert Wesenick, Walter John Chilsen and Thomas Salzman. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Robin Huempfner, EMPD Captain Clay Schulz, Chief Wally Sparks, Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks and SAFER Cally Gordman.

a. Approval of Ocotober 17, 2017 Town Board Meeting; October 24, 2017 Public Hearing/Special Meeting of Elector/Town Board meeting ; November 7, 2017 Public Hearing/Plan Commission/Town Board meeting Minutes: Baumann/Chilsen M/S to approve all of the three meeting minutes.. Q/C.


4. VISITORS: 34 visitors were present. Comments about retaining EMPD were taken from the visitors. Six people were in opposition and seven were in support. Supervisors have received over 20 letters from residence in support of retaining EMPD.

5. POLICE REPORT (Chief Wally Spark): The official report was issued to the Town Board and is on file, there were 22 incidents for the Town.

6. FIRE REPORT SAFER (Luieutenant Cally Gordman): No calls for the Town
a. Vouchers (5488-5509): Salzman/Wesenick M/S to approve vouchers 5488-5509. Q/C.
b. Renewal of Wisconsin Taxpayers Affiance Membership. Current renewal cost would be $145 and has gone up each year. Motion to discontinue membership Salzman/Wesenick M/S Q/C.
c. Retaining EMPD. Chief Sparks and Marathon County Sheriff Parks spoke to the board and visitor about the difference in how each department operates and the response time to calls. EMPD is a patrolling unit and responds very quickly to all calls. Marathon County is only responding and the response time can be very long depending on the type of call. The county has a very limited number of units out (usually 5) for the entire county and EMPD has 5 for just the Village, Schofield and the Town. The County would not enforce our ordinances and we would not receive a share of the fines that are issued. It was also noted the EMPD has capped our share of the cost for the last 5 years. Chilsen/ Wesenick M/S to retaining the EMPD for the Town. Vote 3 to 2 Chairman Olson broke the tie with his vote to retain EMPD Q/C.

a. Public Works: One grant was received waiting on another and if and what roads the Village will be doing.
b. Public Safety: None
c. Parks Committee: None

10. CLERK’S REPORT: Tax collection bond needs to be increased due to new state statue and will cause our cost of our bond to increase to $292 from $165.

a. Baumann: None
b. Wesenick: None
c. Chilsen: Walter John announced his resignation effective 11/22/2017.
d. Salzman: None
11. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: Frontier is finishing up the install of the fiber optics for internet. Grant of $28,000 for Kramer road was received and we are waiting to hear about a second grant (for Lester) this should be in January. Looking for a replacement for the open Supervisor position, those interested should send a resume to Milt.
12. ADJOURN: Chilsen/Salzman M/S to adjourn the November 21, 2017 Town of Weston board meeting at 7:45 pm. Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Robin Huempfner


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