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October 18, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2011

Chairman Milt Olson called the October 18, 2011 Town of Weston Board meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Walter John Chilsen, Tom Salzman and Robert Wesenick. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman, EMPD Chief Wally Sparks, and Fire Chief Meilahn. Four visitors were also present.

a. Approval of Town Board Meeting Minutes, September 20, 2011: Salzman/Baumann M/S to approve the minutes of the September 20, 2011 Town Board Meeting. Q/C.
b. Acknowledge Receipt of October 4, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes: Salzman/Baumann M/S to acknowledge receipt of the October 4, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes. Q/C.

a. Ordinance Renaming Whitetail Ridge Lane: Discussion was held on rescinding the ordinance naming Whitetail Ridge Lane. David & Donna Skrzypchak, Carla Bertram, and John Prosser spoke in favor of changing the name of Whitetail Ridge Lane back to Skrzypchak Lane. Chilsen/Baumann M/S to change the name of Whitetail Ridge Lane back to Skrzypchak Lane. Roll call vote: Chilsen, Salzman, Baumann for; Wesenick opposed. Q/C.
b. Speed Limit Ordinance: The name of Whitetail Ridge Lane will be changed to Skrzypchak Lane on the proposed ordinance. Baumann/Chilsen M/S to approve the Speed Limit Ordinance. Q/C.


5. POLICE REPORT (Chief Sparks): A copy of the report was distributed to Board members and will be included with the official minutes. Chief Sparks reported that an ordinance has been drafted forbidding hand guns on municipal properties. The department is working the City of Wausau and the Sheriff’s Dept. on the recent armed robberies in the area. Different groups are responsible for the robberies.

6. FIRE REPORT (Chief Meilahn): The statistical report for September was distributed to Board members and will be included with the official minutes. There were no calls to the Town in September. The aerial ladder truck agreement with the City of Wausau will be discontinued as Wausau is getting a new truck.

a. Vouchers 4016-4031: Chilsen/Baumann M/S to approve vouchers 4016-4031. Q/C.
b. Approval of 2012 EMPD Budget: Chief Sparks reported that the original proposed budget is being reduced. The Town’s portion of the budget is $109,964.00, an increase of about $2,000. The Department will remain status quo on contract and staffing levels. Two retiring officers will be replaced. Chilsen/Salzman M/S to approve the 2012 EMPD operating budget. Q/C.
c. Preliminary 2012 Budget Planning: Chairman Olson reviewed the proposed budget figures with the Board. Chilsen/Wesenick M/S to approve the preliminary 2012 Town Budget. Q/C.
d. Set Date for Budget Hearing: Chilsen/Wesenick M/S to set our Budget hearing for Tuesday November 22 @ 6:30 pm. Q/C
e. White Ribbons for Decency Week Resolution TW-11-01. Salzman/Baumann M/S to approve Resolution TW-11-01, White Ribbons for Decency Week. Q/C

a. Public Works (Arnie Baumann): Mark Thompson of Marathon Technical Services spoke with the Village regarding road work on Gusman. Thompson will proceed with a TRIP application for Gusman Lane. Supervisor Baumann reported that the Village had received an anonymous request to paint center and white lines on Lester, Kersten, and Gusman Roads. A centerline will be painted on SS.
b. Public Safety (Robert Wesenick): No report.
c. Parks Committee (Walter John Chilsen): A group from Stevens Point is looking at providing projects for unemployed youth.

9. CLERK’S REPORT (Joan Erdman): The final population estimation for the Town of Weston is 642. The Eastern Towns Association will meet this Thursday, October 20, at the Town of Texas.

a. Baumann: No report.
b. Wesenick: No report.
c. Chilsen: No report.
d. Salzman: No report.

11. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: The Town’s Association Convention is next week. The Plan Commission is looking at updating several changes to the Zoning Code. Jennifer Higgins will be typing up the changes. A public hearing will be held in December with the ETZ and the Town.

12. ADJOURN: Baumann/Chilsen M/S to adjourn the October 18, 2011 Town of Weston Board meeting at 8:01 pm. Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman, Clerk/Treasurer


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