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October 4, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes

October 4, 2011

Chairman Milt Olson called the Town of Weston Plan Commission Meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Plan Commission members present were: Randy Christiansen, Rita Kasten and Mark Thompson. Also present were Joan Erdman, Clerk/Treasurer.

Approval of September 13, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes: Kasten/Thompson M/S to approve the September 13, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes. Q/C

a. Review Possible Changes to Town’s Zoning Code:
Plan Commission members went over recent zoning ordinances adopted by the Village of Weston to see if the Town should also adopt these zoning changes. If it is decided to adopt any of these zoning changes, we will hold a public hearing along with the ETZ committee so changes are made to both zoning codes. The following ordinances were presented:

Chapter 94.149—Article VII. Off-Street Parking & Loading: Not needed.
94.142.2—“Small Wind Energy System”: Yes. Also need to address small aeration towers as well as large wind energy systems.
94.127(C)—"Structural Regulations”: yes
94.128(E)—“Farming and animal regulations, Animal Husbandry Permitted”: yes
94.128(F)—“Farming and Animal Regulations, Bees: yes
94.152 “Driveways and Highway Access”: yes.
94.185(C),(D)—“Neighborhood Convenience Retail & Service District”: Yes.
94.176(C)—“Composting”: yes
94.175(B)(2)—“Agriculture District”: No, currently have in our building code.
94.190—“LMD light manufacturing & Distribution”: No
94.174—“Zoning District Numerical Regulations”: No
94.154(b)(4)—“Private Residential Parking”: Already adopted by the Town, needs to be adopted by the ETZ committee.
94.123—“Temporary uses: No
94.124.1(D)(1) and (K)—“Telecommunications facilities: No
Chairman Olson and Mark Thompson will go over the proposed changes. A joint public hearing will be held along with the ETZ committee in November to present the proposed ordinances.

4) Adjourn
Kasten/Christiansen M/S to adjourn the October 4, 2011 Plan Commission meeting at 8:20 pm. Q/C

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman


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