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September 20, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2011

Chairman Milt Olson called the September 20, 2011 Town of Weston Board meeting to order at 6:30 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Supervisors present: Arnie Baumann, Walter John Chilsen, Tom Salzman and Robert Wesenick. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman, EMPD Chief Wally Sparks, and Fire Chief Meilahn. Nine visitors were also present.

a. Approval of Town Board Meeting Minutes, August 16, 2011: Chilsen/Wesenick M/S to approve the minutes of the August 16, 2011 Town Board Meeting. Q/C.
b. Acknowledge Receipt of September 13, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes: Chilsen/Wesenick M/S to acknowledge receipt of the September 13, 2011 Plan Commission Minutes. Q/C.



5. POLICE REPORT (Chief Sparks): The EMPD report for September was distributed to Board members. A copy will be included with the official minutes. In August, there was one reported accident and 14 calls for service in the Town. The Citizen’s Police Academy scheduled for this fall has been canceled due to lack of participants. They will look at trying to hold it again in the spring. The EMPD hosted an area law enforcement training event on August 24.

6. FIRE REPORT (Chief Meilahn): The statistical report for August will be distributed at the next meeting. There were no fire calls and one EMS call to the Town in August.

a. Vouchers 3994-4015: Baumann/Wesenick M/S to approve vouchers 3994-4015. Q/C.
b. Renaming of Skrzypchak Lane to Whitetail Ridge Lane: Dave Skrzypchak questioned the procedure to rename Skrzypchak Lane. Chairman Olson went over the procedures followed in changing the road name. Mr. Skrzypchak explained that he was unable to attend the July Board meeting due to medical issues and that he is opposed to the name change and would like the Board to rescind its decision to change the name of Skrzypchak Lane to Whitetail Ridge Lane. Baumann/Chilsen M/S to reconsider the naming of Skrzypchak Lane. Roll call vote taken: Chilsen, Baumann, Wesenick in favor. Salzman opposed. Motion carried. A letter will be sent to the landowners on Whitetail Ridge Lane informing them that this will be on the October Board meeting agenda.
c. Speed Limit Ordinance: Chairman Olson went over the proposed speed limits for Town roads. Chilsen/Wesenick M/S to adopt the ordinance as presented. Discussion was held on a possible discrepancy with the Village on the Ross Avenue to Kramer Lane speed limit. Will check with the Village to coincide the Ross Avenue to Kramer Lane speed limit. Recommendation was also made to change the proposed speed limit on Whitetail Ridge Lane to 35. Chilsen/Wesenick M/S to withdraw the motion. Chilsen/Baumann M/S to table the speed limit ordinance until next month. Q/C.
d. 2012-13 TRIP road project: Chairman Olson and Supervisor Baumann put in a project proposal with the county to resurface Gusman Road. Salzman/Baumann M/S to have Mark Thompson draw up a TRIP application project in the amount of $60,000 for ¾ of a mile on Gusman Road. Discussion was held and suggestion made that road work is also needed to repair the wheel ruts on Kersten Road. Q/C.

a. Public Works (Arnie Baumann): The roads in the Home Sweet Home addition have been pulverized and the culverts are in. Blacktopping should begin this week. The shouldering work on River Road and SS has been completed. Ditching on Lester should begin as soon as the corn is off the fields.
b. Public Safety (Robert Wesenick): No report.
c. Parks Committee (Walter John Chilsen): No report.

9. CLERK’S REPORT (Joan Erdman): No report.

a. Baumann: No report.
b. Wesenick: No report.
c. Chilsen: No report.
d. Salzman: No report.

11. CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: The Dept. of Revenue has reported that the Town will receive $144,564 in shared revenue in 2012, a loss of almost $3,000 from 2011. Transportation Aid will be about $4,000 less in 2012.

12. ADJOURN: Wesenick/Chilsen M/S to adjourn the September 20, 2011 Town of Weston Board meeting at 7:36 pm. Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman, Clerk/Treasurer


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