Town of Weston, Marathon County, Wisconsin : Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2011 Board Minutes
February 15, 2011

Supervisor Walter John Chilsen called the February 15, 2011 Town of
Weston Board meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  The Pledge of Allegiance
was recited.  Supervisors present:  Arnie Baumann, Walter John
Chilsen, Tom Salzman and Robert Wesenick.  Also present were
Clerk/Treasurer Joan Erdman, Chief Sparks of the EMPD, and the Deputy
Chief of the Weston Fire Dept.  Chairman Olson was absent (excused).  

a.	Approval of January 18, 2011 Town Board Meeting Minutes:
Baumann/Wesenick M/S to approve the minutes of the January 18, 2011
Town Board Meeting.  Q/C. 


4.	VISITORS:  None

5.	POLICE REPORT (Chief Sparks):  The Department responded to three
calls to the Town in   January.  The month of January was busier than
normal for the Department  The first texting while driving citation
was issued to a driver transporting wheelchair bound clients to a
residential care facility.

6.	FIRE REPORT (Deputy Chief):  The Department had one fire run and
one ambulance run to the Town in January.  The Department is working
on bringing their insurance rating down to a 4.  

a.	Vouchers 3864-3889:  Wesenick/Baumann M/S to approve vouchers
3864-3889.  Q/C.  
b.	Skrzypchak Lane:  
I.	Culvert issues along Skrzypchak Lane.  Dave Skrzypchak presented
the Board with a request for reimbursement for 18 yards of granite and
leveling fees which he had purchased from Christiansen Trucking.  The
Town had provided culverts and gravel for his property, however,
Skrzypchak reported that the amount of granite was insufficient in
covering one of the culverts, resulting in the ends of the culvert
bowing up.  The invoice total was $262.00--$162.00 for gravel and $100
for leveling fees.  Salzman/Baumann M/S to pay $162.00 for the cost of
the gravel. Discussion was held on the Town not being responsible for
the leveling costs.  Q/C.  
II.	Lot Lines removed by Fischer Excavating:  When Fischer removed the
cul-de-sac on Skrzypchak Lane, he removed the lot line markers. 
Supervisor Baumann has been unable to contact Fischer regarding this
issue.  Baumann will pursue this with Stan Budleski who had contracted
with Fischer to do the road work.  Supervisor Baumann also reminded
Mr. Skrzypchak of the overdue invoices in the amount of $488.00 for
the Parkland Dedication fees for two of these lots, which are in his
daughter’s name.  Supervisor Salzman expressed concerns that the lot
lines that were removed were for original lots that had been around
the cul-de-sac.  With the removal of the cul-de-sac, replacing the
original lot line markers would indicate land-locked parcels.  Motion
by Salzman/Baumann to table this matter until the April meeting and a
resolution is reached regarding the lot lines and to not land lock the
parcel. Q.C.  Mr. Skrzypchak was requested to have Vreeland Surveyors
send the Town a copy of how the lots are laid out and the denial they
received from the County.  The Board is in agreement that Mr.
Skrzypchak is not responsible for the cost of replacing the markers.
a.	Public Works (Arnie Baumann):  No report.   
b.	Public Safety (Robert Wesenick):  No report.  
c.	Parks Committee (Walter John Chilsen):  No report.

9.	CLERK’S REPORT (Joan Erdman):  Primary election is going
well—approximate 33 voters have turned out to vote.  The first
installment of property tax collections have been completed and have
been turned over to the County Treasurer.

a.	Baumann:  No report.  
b.	Wesenick:  No report.
c.	Chilsen:  No report.
d.	Salzman:  No report.    

11.	 CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:    The Wis. Towns’ Association meeting will be
held on Friday, February 25, at the Stoney Creek Inn in Cedar Creek. 
Arnie Baumann and Walter John will notify Clerk Erdman if they will be

12.	ADJOURN:  Baumann/Wesenick M/S to adjourn the February 15, 2011
Town of Weston Board meeting at 7:50 pm.  Q/C.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Erdman, Clerk/Treasurer


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